Head Office:Map Location.

(Head Office)
ISL House Kwa Iddi, Arusha – Nairobi Highway
PO Box 14839 Arusha
Tel: +255-27-2505880 | Hotline +255-785 113326
Fax: +255-27-2502754
E-mail: info@intellitrack.co.tz


IntelliTrack High-End Fleet Solutions - this is for a variety of industries. The solutions include smart logistics management, fuel management, vehicle recovery, driver behavior, engine diagnostics and more.

- Real time tracking, monitoring and control of vehicles and remote assets
- Advance and flexible solution enabling multi-platform monitoring
- Real time fuel monitoring
- Full fleet management
- Driver management
- Real time alerts
- Operational and statistical reports
- Suitable for fleet owners, logistics companies,

security operators, vehicles & motorcycle dealers

and more.

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