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(Head Office)
ISL House Kwa Iddi, Arusha – Nairobi Highway
PO Box 14839 Arusha
Tel: +255-27-2505880 | Hotline +255-785 113326
Fax: +255-27-2502754
E-mail: info@intellitrack.co.tz


IntelliTrack Energy Monitoring Solutions will optimize your use of energy (fuel, electricity, gas, etc.) and reduce the impact on the environment, while improving the equipment utilization and reduce costs. Preventive maintenance, elimination of false data and real time analysis, are the keys to the optimization of a high consumption remote asset.

- Remote analysis of Power Generators, Electricity users, Gas tanks, fuel, water and more.
- Holistic perception of all energy sources of an organization
- Medium and large scale organization consumes energy from a variety of resources
- IntelliTrack Energy provides an overall monitoring and analysis of the energy resources
- Real time dashboard analyzes the energy consumption
- Real time alerts on losses and irregularity
- Deep analysis and reports
- Conclusions for actions

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