Head Office:Map Location.

(Head Office)
ISL House Kwa Iddi, Arusha – Nairobi Highway
PO Box 14839 Arusha
Tel: +255-27-2505880 | Hotline +255-785 113326
Fax: +255-27-2502754
E-mail: info@intellitrack.co.tz


IntelliTrack Construction Group Solutions provides the most comprehensive remote performance monitoring solutions to construction and construction related customers. Understanding all aspects of a construction company is our specialty. Multiple asset types, high consumption of energy, complex infrastructures, are only part of the challenges this type of company is facing, and we are here to assist.

- Overall real time monitoring and analysis of a variety of asset types – machinery, generator, fuel depot, vehicles, etc.
- Real time fuel monitoring
- Real time engine diagnostics on a variety of parameters
- Asset peripherals monitoring
- Assets maintenance
- Global advanced control room and smart analysis team
- Real time alerts
- Deep analysis and reports

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